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Long time, No see.|April 19, 2003 5:20PM|Posted by Webmaster
Wow, haven't updated in a month. I am adding the new comic (manga) summaries, Shonen Jump finally mailed me my missing issues. Should have 5 issues now, one coming in two weeks.

Two New Sections|March 16, 2003 10:36AM|Posted by Webmaster
I have created a new section, for the manga (comic) here. I have also created a word search and quiz (on the side menu). Have fun!

Starting Episode Summaries|Feb. 02, 2003 5:13PM|Posted by Webmaster
I am now *officially* starting episode summaries. Also, I have a new email address. Feel free to mail card reviews, episode summaries, etc. NOTE: I will delete any inappropriate messages, spam, or emails that are not plaintext. No HTML!

eBay cards|Jan. 11, 2003 1:03PM|Posted by Webmaster
Quoted from Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon
"Do NOT buy cards from people with the [eBay] IDS of [...] AND [...] they are selling FAKE cards! When you see their auctions the OFFICAL Konami seal is missing from the bottom of the card. Do NOT buy any YGO card that is missing that seal. Contact everyone you know don't let these imposters get even richer off of you or your friends."
[the user ids used to be here, but they have been edited out. Go to Yugioh-dungeon (see link above) if you want to see names. --EDITOR]

Crazy Email, and more|Jan 2, 2002 4:56PM|Posted by Webmaster
My Email doesn't work. If anyone EVER sent me an email, resend it. I never got an e-mail from anyone regarding the site.

Eat for Cards!|Dec. 22, 2002 7:09PM|Posted by Webmaster
New Source:Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon
McDonald's now has Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards in their kid meals. See here for more info.

Card of the Day|Dec. 22, 2002 12:51PM|Posted by Webmaster
Today's card of the day is Malevolent Nuzzler. Also, happy holidays for any winter holidays that you may or may not. celebrate.

Card of the Day|Dec. 02, 2002 7:54PM|Posted by Webmaster
Today's Card of the Day is Giant Soldier of Stone. We now have a second opinion, so be sure to check it out! I am also pleased to announce that we have reached 1,000 Visits!
1000 Hits

Card of the Day|Nov. 30, 2002 12:23PM|Posted by Webmaster
Today's card of the day is Dragon Zombie. No new news.

Happy Thanksgiving!|Nov. 28, 2002 5:22PM|Posted by Webmaster
Not relating to the site, but happy turkey day to everyone!

XHTML|Nov. 18, 2002 9:03PM|Posted by Webmaster
I have not been able to add card of the days, but I am using a new editor and hope this helps. I convered (most of) my site to XHTML, which means t will get better. Also, the editor is great, so I put a link to it at the bottom of the page. Bye.

Sorry|Nov. 16, 2002|Posted by Webmaster
Sorry about the card of the day. I haven't had much chance to update it, so I think it will turn into card of the week. I cannot update it now as I am at a friend's house and the files are on my computer at home. I am hoping to add some new features soon, so thanks, bye.

Card of the Day|November 12, 2002 10:50AM|Posted by Webmaster
Today's card of the day is Shield & Sword. I am also expecting a card of the day reviewer (or two) for wednesday's card of the day. If anyone ever wants to write a review, just post it on our forums.

New Features!|November 09, 2002 11:02PM|Posted by Webmaster
Added some new features.  First of all, I will stop experimenting with new message boards and stuff.  This site is now 100% Yu-Gi-Oh!.  I have added a featured articles section, which can be accessed here.  I have also added a card of the (day/week) which can be accessed here.  It will take some time to add this to the menu.

Working On It
|November 09, 2002 2:53PM|Posted by Webmaster

Adding news, once again. I am hoping to settle all trouble with logos and graphics and stuff. I will soon change DotTk to the new host. I am removing or adding a lot of stuff, so you may experience trouble with things, such as broken images.  I have also added search under the Misc. part of the menu.  Until next time.  Bye

Translations|October 02, 2002 2:46PM|Posted by Webmaster
Well, a lot of people in school have been asking for the URL of the site that has translations.  The site is Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Page, and I have a link to it to the right in the links section.

BIG Change|August 28, 2002 6:53PM|Posted by Webmaster
Wow.  Big change.  I got rid of frames, and switched to tables.  If anyone wants the layout for their site, go ahead and use my source code.  Go ahead, see if I care.  You can expect a better site b/c I'm now using a WYSIWYG editor, not HTML.

Another New Program|August 02, 2002 11:55AM|Posted by Webmaster
Well, remember when I was mad that I was programming with notepad? Well now I found a free program called Jext and it helps. Also, I haven't updated in a while, so Im still here, don't worry.

TITLE|July 23, 2002 1:04PM|Posted by Webmaster
I started learning JavaScript over the weekend. I have added a lot of cool stuff. You can test the login system. The username istestThe password is temp. I also have added a CrazyStories game. Before trying them, click here to see if you browser is javascript compatible.

Newsletter|July 19, 2002 10:59PM|Posted by Webmaster
I now have a mailing list. Click here to view archives or subscribe to new letters.

Oh, No!|July 19, 2002 2:07PM|Posted by Webmaster
Okay, I got a little overdramatic with the title, but my access program is having some tech difficulties. If you want to help me and KNOW HOW TO WORK ACCESS AND HAVE A LOT OF CARDS send me an email
edited 2:15PM:I fixed a typo and feel like bragging about it.

Access Doc Soon|July 18, 2002 4:59PM|Posted by Webmaster
I am programming an app that will run on Access '97 and up. It will let you file your collection and make your decks. Working on a beta and I got to see if the FTP or HTTP supports file hosting. coming soon, cya!

I Have FTP!|July 18, 2002 3:24PM|Posted by Webmaster
Yay! I now Have FTP software and am currently editing my page from Angelfire FTP. I am using FTP Commander and its easy and a blast. So, what is FTP, you ask. Its an alternate way to manage files on my site. However I am now annoyingly editing through notepad. *sighs* But, I can assure you, If I ever accidentally erase my site :\ I can have it back within 10 minutes!

The Good and the Bad|July 10, 2002 9:06AM|Posted by Webmaster
Hey! My site is now AWESOME, so how could there be good and bad news? Well, I'll be direct.
BAD:I tried to install three news programs on to my site/computer. They all didn't work.(I can't tell you what they are for company privacy)
GOOD:I added some new links to the sidebar.
AWESOME:I added new message boards form best boards. Visit it HERE
Thanks, Peace!

New Forums Soon|July 09, 2002 12:27PM|Posted by Webmaster
Great news! I am working on a phenomenal new message board! I have all of the topics so far. I am still working on the profanity filter, so you can't visit it yet. :):):):)

I Get My Domain|July 01, 2002 6:04PM|Posted by Webmaster
Good news! I checked my stats, and unless something unpredicted happens, according to the stats center, the wonderful folks at DotTK, I can keep my domain until at least the end of August! If you haven't been, you should now visit my site at:
I still need hits, though, so keep visiting the site!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist King Leauge|June 30, 2002 3:53PM|Posted by Webmaster
Am I loosing it, or is the YGO League supposed to start tomorrow? That was the original plan, right? My deck stinks, but upper deck has made no announcement to my knowledge. If you know something I don't now, mouth out about it on the message boards(forums). ????????:|?????????

New News Layout|June 29, 2002 12:16PM | Posted by Webmaster
Once again, a new news layout. This one is hardest to program, but I'll add it to my clipboard so it won't be such a pain. :-D

June 28, 2002|3:44PM|Posted by Webmaster|Site Status= :-D
This is the new news layout. No big deal, but its easier for me to program.

June 28, 2002 3:39PM
No new news. I need suggestions. Maybe I'll work on the Bios. If yo have a site link to us. I'll Try a new news layout.

June 27,2002 8:11PM
I'm just trying to get used to this text HTML. Anyone who programs websites shares my pain. I couldn't find a program :( but I think I'm getting the hang of this. FYI, I post my view on the website in emoticons after my closing. CYA :|

June 27,2002 7:44PM
Hi I'm working on this news page. You may not get a lot of updates, because its a pain in the neck to try and use HTML as a news program. I'll try to get a program or something so I can update more and get a more elepleasing format. YGO League cards coming soon. I have an updated restrictions list on cards. CYA :)

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