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Yu-Gi-Oh! Comic Summaries

Listed below are the summaries for the English Yu-Gi-Oh! comic series.  [N/A email:] means I don't have the comic to summarize.  Email with summaries if you want, and I will be sure to post them!

Please note, the names are different than the English TV names.  Check the characters page for the comic characters.

Duel 1: The Puzzle of the Gods
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 1
Yugi arrives at school, disappointed everyone wants to play basketball, and not his puzzle games.  He is bullied by Jonouchi and Honda, who steal a peice of his puzzle.  Ushio threatens Jonouchi and Honda, and vowes to "protect" Yugi.  At home, Yugi finishes the puzzle, after Jonouchi dove into the lake to retreive the puzzle piece because of guilt.  The next day, Yugi comes to school, and finds Jonouchi and Honda beaten up by Ushio.  The "bodyguard" charges Yugi ¥200,000.  Yugi manages to raise twice the money, and transforms into Yami.  He challenges Ushio ti a shadiw game in which they must stab the money to pick it up.  Out of greed, Ushio decides he will hurt Yami.  Yami stops him, and punishes him, and drives him insane.  In the end, after Yugi stuck up for Jonouchi, they become friends.
Duel 2:
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 2
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Duel 3:
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 2
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Duel 4:
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 2
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Duel 5: The False Prophet
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 3
At school, Yugi, Anzu, and Jonouchi hear that there is a psychic in the school.  Jonouchi and Anzu have their fortunes told, and Kokurano predicts Anzu will fall in love with him.  Yugi is reluctant to have his fortune told, and does not believe in Kokurano's powers.  Kokurano then predicts Yugi will be crushed by "letters."  Yugi goes to the Library to return a book, then bookcases are pushed by Kokurano on him.  He becomes Yami, and survives.  He then discovers Anzu is in trouble.  He finds Kokurano and challenges him to a shadow game where they must pull paper from under a bottle without it falling.  The bottle falls on Kokurano, who is knocked out.  They then discover he was not a real Psychic.
Duel 6: Into the Fire
Shonen Jump Vol. 1, Issue 3
At another day at school, Yugi's class must decide what they do for the school festival.  They decide on carnival games.  The senior class destroys their carnival games, claiming it is their traditional spot.  Yugi becomes Yami and challenges the head of the senior class to a shadow game.  They play hockey on a hot grill with a puck made of ice with explosives in the middle.  The senior cracks the ice and is blown of the panel... and page...  Yugi's class has the fair, and gets their rightful spot.

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